Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Solange in TARGET (pronouced -tarrrrr --- jayyyy-)!!

I've kinda become intrigued by Solange recently...I LOVE the new video...makes me want to get my girls together and do synchronized dance moves in sparkly dresses! On the fashion tip, I think Solange has really come into her own style and it's very cute! So it's only natural that during the ESSENCE Music Fest in New Orleans this weekend...I was on "Solange Lookout"...I fell in LOVE with this look:
She's cute, stylish and she looks very comfortable! So let's fast forward -- I'm in TARGET last night perusing the new goods --sidebar: TARGET has some EXTREMELY cute and COST-FRIENDLY items right now! -- okay...and lo and behold I spot Solange's skirt! So of course I think I'm tripping because sometimes I just assume celebs are "too good" for Target, but clearly I was wrong! Here it is for $29.99 at Target (and if it isn't Target..then someone owes somewone A LOT of money for bootlegging!!)! But of course her shoes, top and belt make up for her less than $30 skirt :o) Can't wait to wear mine and put my own spin on it!

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Gigi & Nini said...

Such a steal find. Target really does its thing.