Friday, July 25, 2008

Amerie x Cazal = FABNESS

Happy Friday! So I've gotten a few emails about AMERIE'S new promo pics, in which I must say she looks FAB! My friends and I have a special place in our hearts for Amerie because she's one of the few starlets that actually went to college! Not that we're knocking anyone who didn't take that route, but we always felt that Amerie could relate to all our joys & struggles in those long 4+ years! I don't think people give Amerie her due respect....she's an excellent songwriter, she's

very consistent and she's a CAPRICORN (like myself) and who didn't LOVE "Why Don't We Fall in Love"?!?!

The question at hand was where on earth did Amerie get her "stunna shades"???

**SIDEBAR** -- her hair and makeup are FLAWLESS!

Amerie is rocking a pair of VINTAGE CAZALS! Now my "old heads" may remember these from back in the 70s and 80s -- RUN DMC made them famous in the hip-hop world...

(pictured here at an event in June 2008)

While I couldn't find the exact pair Amerie has on...I found some GREAT options:


You can change the lenses to make them darker or lighter depending on your mood!

At -- we have:

These are $250 "Claw Money" Shades and they also come in: GREEN, ORANGE and RED.

Another site that had Vintage Cazals is:


Aaliyah in CAZALS with "him" in the background -- very interesting title with that trial and all...


Anonymous said...

Those r not cazals in the Aaliyah album cover! :)

Gogo Lady said...

Hey I finally found the Amerie Cazals for sale at mucha bella sunglasses. Check, check, check it out!

A little to expensive for me :(