Thursday, June 12, 2008

Political Chic ....

Sooooo....this isn't a political blog...BUT I have to say that I'm still TRES excited about the election this fall...I won't say who my candidate of choice is...BUTTTTT ... I will say that he rhymes with MOMMA :O) I was cruising the web this morning and found a ton of tees to keep you looking FRESH in time for the election :O)
Because I 150% biased towards my candidate..we'll start with OBAMA...yes we can!!! OWWWWW


AND BECAUSE I STILL HAVE LOVE FOR HILARY ... (her shirts are actually on sale!)

AND FOR ELIZABETH HASSELBECK (our most stylish Republican on "The View") some MCCAIN tees from

and for those who are still "sitting on the fence"....

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