Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Don't get MAD -- break EVEN!"

Okay so I was reading the Orlando Sentinel today -- and on the front page of the style section was the most incredible invention to ANYONE who has ever broke up/been broken up with!!! This creation is called Ex-Cessories! It's a website where you can sell ALL your "exes" ish! INCREDIBLE--right?! They have engagement rings....necklaces from those "special Valentines Days"....bracelets .... earrings... pendants ... everything from Tiffany's...David Yurman....Chanel...Just imagaine sitting there crying over a broken bag up all his stuff...on your way to throw it in the garbage -- then it hits you like BAM!! You realize --- hmmmmm...I can make a little money off of this, go get a freakum dress and some new shoes .... and find a new man! Ha!

Check it out at: -- and tell them that I sent ya!

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