Sunday, September 7, 2008


ABAETE (pronounced "uhh--baya--tay").

ABAETE by designer, LAURA PORETZKY was very clean, sophisticated & fresh! The color palette consisted of: light blue and white with splashes or yellow, orange & pink. I loved the shoes and ABAETE would get "extra cool points" if they make them available at Payless! ***Sidebar: ABAETE does a collection of shoes for Payless and they are very cute and very comfy...I have two pairs!

Some of my fav looks:

1. The blazer an "inside out feel" from which her collection drew inspiration...

2. The tube dress...
3. How cute is this bathing suit?! Very covered but still sexy!

4. Seersucker is ALWAYS very chic for the spring & summer months...

5. I love her take no the shirt dress! I think the volumized bottom gives it a little spunk!

6. The one-strap dress -- a lot of designers are doing this.. aren't they?!

7. Tuxedo jacket! Love the crispness of the white color!

8. The detailing on this trench gives it a little flavor without going over the top.

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